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I swear Finn is their child.


•Bravest Warriors-Characters at 16 years old-year is 3085 on mars
•life on earth was already going downhill, and living quality was almost going backwards due to ruined environment and failing economy. Closer to 3000 humans who could afford it had started moving to colonies on mars, which usually meant lots of scientists, doctors etc. so technology and modern development continued furthering on mars, while earth eventually went into a depression.
•that’s why in photos of Simon petrikov his outfits look old fashioned and we see him getting out of an old style car.
•about 15 years after the current events of BW(4015) , Chris and Beth are married! Yay! Alongside Danny and Wallow (who are probs married..maybe to plum or eachother to other girls) and they are all happy hanging out being adults and doing brave warrior things for people. Then the great mushroom war begins (which we don’t have too many details about, other than it being a nuclear war) and the 4 of them are called to duty to help fight on earth.
•Of course they all go, being the bravest of warriors, and fight alongside other humans against who knows what. Probably a fascist corrupt government, so not to different from today. Or maybe it was more like the civil war. All we know is there were nuclear bombs and such.
•so at some point during their time in the war camps on earth, Beth gets preggo! Uh ohh so Chris plans to send her back to mars and keep fighting, but there are rumors of things are starting to stir up on their home planet as well..not sure what. Talk of the earth war? Terrorists? Spy’s? so He is forced to go back to mars with Beth and leave his teammates, and for months he studies the basics of emotion lords, who have the ability to time travel.
•By the time their son is born, the war has spread to mars (to some degree) everything is basically dangerous as fuck and a horrible mess. Any civilazations nearby earth and mars have been abandoned, and commen spacecrafs have been destroyed. Escape to other planets, and finding a planet with proper atmosphere for humans, is nearly impossible. So chris decides the only thing left they can do is leave to earth/mars of the future. He is very amateur at emotionlod stuff but its their only chance, so he opens a time portal to mars, but seeing as it has gone back to a more primal state, he opens it to earth, about 1000 years after the mushroom war. As Beth sets their baby on a leaf, she turns to chris (he plans to let them go first and go find Danny &wallow on earth to bring them to the future so they can all be together) just as she turns to say goodbye for now, there’s a glitch in the time portal and between the two times a black hole/abyss opens, sucking Beth into it, then closing up for good. Of course chris is devastated over the loss of his wife, and now his son is lost in time. He doesn’t know when because he didn’t have time to check the date he opened before before it closed.
•before he can make his way back to earth, it is confirmed by the remaining colonies on mars that all life has been destroyed, thanks to a massive nuclear bomb.
•the mars colony lives on, and chris lives in sadness and solitude vowing to become a powerful emotion lord do he can some how save Beth and find his son.
•The mars colony lives on, but over a period of 170 years or so, the radiation from earth actually makes its war to mars, wiping out/mutating the few who still live there. Chris is still alive has learned secrets to longevity ( hes like 200) and omnipotence, and even time travel. But sadly he’s pretty much s loon now, which is why he only seems to go back and visit his 16 year old self. I think he went crazy from loosing Beth Danny and wallow..

•meanwhile on earth..
After the bomb, not all humans were killed. Many were simply mutated, as well the the nuclear activity opened portals from earth to other dimensions; such as lumpy space, the crystal dimension, and the nightosphere. This caused species to evolve and grow, as well as others to come make their homes on earth. Over a period of 1000 years, earth becomes known as the land of Ooo. One day, Joshua and Margret are walking through the woods, and they come across a baby. A human baby.

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